Our firm has more than 30 years of experience helping friends and neighbors in Kentucky prepare for their future. This law firm was founded to help those in the local community who need the quality and excellence of a large estate planning law firm and the personal service of a neighborhood firm.

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Wilkerson Law can take a daunting task (like drawing up a Will or Trust) and simplify the process, saving you time and your loved ones unnecessary heartache and expense down the road.

Estate planning is especially important if you have children, as you will want to make provision for their future care by clearly stating your intentions in a Will, including the appointment of guardians for minor children, leaving nothing to chance.

Kentucky Estate Planning: Probate, Wills and Trusts

At the law office of Trey Wilkerson, we help you make the most of all relevant estate planning tools:

  • Trusts help minimize taxes, protect your assets, and ensure that your estate avoids needless administration in the event of your death.
  • Wills record your instruction on how your assets should be distributed to heirs, charities, or other entities once you're gone.
  • Powers of attorney appoint a person or persons of your choosing and provide them with the ability to take care of your medical or financial dilemmas in the event you cannot make decisions for yourself or physically act on your own behalf.
  • Guardianships designate caretakers for disabled adults or minor children who require a legal guardian.

Administration of your estate

If you'd like to make plans for the administration of your Estate but you aren't sure about which documents you need, we can assist you through a careful and efficient assessment to determine the best way to implement your plans for the future. Whether you need an attorney to help you draw up a new Will or you'd like to amend a current Will, we will handcraft a personalized plan using the exact tools needed for your situation.

Wilkerson Law creates documents that express your wishes in a clear, concise manner, keeping your family from having to guess about your intentions once you've passed. When done properly, estate planning can help protect your family's financial future from judgment creditors and excess taxes.

Kentucky Wills

A valid, well-designed estate plan carries lasting benefits on several levels:

  • A Kentucky will or trust ensures your possessions or monetary assets go to the people of your choosing at the time of your choosing.
  • A Kentucky power of attorney clearly records advance directives and preferences related to money and medical decisions.
  • A valid Kentucky living will states your wishes in the event you are medically incapacitated.

Probate and Probate Litigation

Whether your loved one passed away testate (with a will) or intestate (without a will), we can provide compassionate assistance during the probate and estate administration process.

Estate Administration Oversight

We also provide assistance to heirs who wish to have an experienced attorney and staff oversee the probate administration of a loved one’s estate by ensuring that the executor/administrator is properly seeing to the administration of the estate and ensuring all of the heirs’ rights are protected.


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